Alex Wheat Jr. - 10 Reasons to Draft Me

  • I have 4 years of professional experience. I know what it takes to be a pro on and off of the field.
  • I am a knowledgable player that enjoys watching film and learning new systems.
  • The arena football route tree is identical to a TE route tree, making the transition from WR to TE easy.
  • An arena football field is 30 yards wide which is similar to the amount of space in which a TE works during an outdoor football game. 
  • Arena football is 90% zone due to the passing nature of the game. I am accustomed to finding space in zones and keeping relationships with QBs down the field.
  • I have been an X receiver my entire career. There is not a linebacker or safety that can cover me at the TE position at the LOS. '
  • I live for 3rd downs. When in need of a first down, I thrive on being a first option that can be trusted to move the chains.
  • I understand the importance of community outreach as a professional athlete and what it means to get involved in the respective cities we practice, compete and live in. 
  • My father has not seen me play a football game since I was 11 years old. This is not a reason to draft me but it is my "Why?" and what motivates me to succeed in the game of football.
  • You are getting a guy who will show up to work everyday, will do what it takes for his dream and will accomplish his goals within the confines of the team expectations.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you on Draft Day.